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Practical Tips For Writing An Expository Essay On Racism

You might be asked to write various types of papers during your studies, but if you should write expository essay, I believe you will need some help. Expository essay is different type of writing. This writing is based on facts, and that’s why you should prepare good for this type of writing. You should include facts, not your own opinion and ideas. The writer’s role is to discuss and debate on the topic with himself throughout the paper. Every student considers writing an essay on racism a challenging task. This is a topic with sensitive nature. However, expository writing on racism is not so difficult to write, since you should only use facts, not opinions and ideas. You should only set an inquiry and identify what are your findings on that. Here are some basic tips:

  • Set a simple question
  • Do not go deep into the subject and explain if it is bad or good. Start with a simple answer, what is racism. Do not dig deeper, just share what you know about the topic.

  • Educate the important point
  • When you answer the question of what racism is, continue by educating the reader what they should remember about racism and what you have remembered about racism. In other words, try answering the question why it is important for us to know what racism is. You discuss what is racism and your research on the topic. Make the reader to care about what really racism is.

  • Further questions
  • This does not mean to express our opinion and answer questions such as why you dislike or like racism, but share facts. Here you should discuss some knowledge about racism. For example, when racism developed, or when racism appeared. Here you can also discuss about the problems that countries have due to racism. Or, about the time when racism was unknown word for people.

  • Explanations
  • The same name expository gives an idea that this should be writing that explains facts and shares knowledge on the topic. You are not required to prove something, you should only tell readers what you know and share your knowledge.

  • Talk with the tutor
  • You should talk with the tutor regarding the voice of the writing. Usually these types of writings are written in first person, but ask your tutor to approve it.

This is everything you should know about expository essay on racism. Now it is your turn to start writing it. Good luck!