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Easy Ways And Methods To Organize An Essay About Banning Smoking

In recent years, more and more countries have started to ban smoking in one way or another. Furthermore, individual workplaces also started to restrict the places in which employees can smoke. Equally, various laws have come in to prevent people from smoking in their cars or in other places that might otherwise have been considered relatively private once upon a time.

In fact, a topic such as banning smoking can be excellent when writing an academic paper, as there are many different approaches that you can take. For example, you can compare and contrast the success of smoking bans of different parts of the country or even in different countries together. Alternatively, you can try and examine the health implications, and whether or not smoking bans help to reduce smoking-related diseases.

Another great topic that you may wish to examine is whether or not smoking bans have any financial implications on businesses. For example, many pubs and restaurants once allowed smoking, but now no longer do. As a result, some regular customers may have decided to take their business elsewhere, whilst other customers may now come more frequently as they prefer the smoke-free atmosphere - so it can be interesting to see how businesses have reacted to smoking bans.

The structure of your essay

As you can see, there are many different topics that you can use as the basis for your paper. Therefore, there are a wide variety of different academic writing styles that you can use. For example, you may wish to compare and contrast two or more topics relating to smoking bans. Alternatively, you may wish to write in a more informative style. Equally, you may wish to use an argumentative style, in order to try and persuade the reader about the particular point of view that you have taken in relation to banning smoking.

The precise style that you take will have an influence on how you structure your work; however, almost every writing style will include an introduction, a body section, and a conclusion.

The introduction will generally inform the reader about banning smoking, and what to expect from the rest of your paper, whilst the conclusion will highlight any of the key points made in your body section. The body section will ultimately be where the bulk of your content will be found, and may include various arguments, facts, opinions, and quotes, as well as any other relevant information or content.