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The Most Frequently Used Topics for a Simple Academic Essay

Teachers must at times pull out their hair when they are confronted with yet another academic essay on a topic they have seen hundreds of times before. But such is the nature of education. In many cases the teachers will set a specific topic for an academic essay and in other cases they will leave it up to the students. Wanting to play it safe, many students will choose a topic which has been used over and over again. Why do they do this? Why not try something a little different or unusual?

It can be because they feel comfortable with that particular topic. It could be because there are many examples of academic essays using that topic and they can get inspiration and ideas from these examples. Or it could be because they simply can't think of anything else. Below in this article you will find a list of frequently used topics for simple academic essays.

But one important rule remains. You should always choose a topic which suits you. If you are writing about a frequently used topic which you do not like or about which you have no prior knowledge, you are making the task that little bit harder. Whichever topic you choose you are better off writing about something you like or know about.

  1. You can change the curriculum and be taught a new subject. What would it be and why?
  2. Modern weapons of mass destruction are part of today’s world. Is this good for peace?
  3. Should we keep animals in zoos? Do zoos serve a useful purpose today?
  4. If students have to wear a school uniform, should teachers be required to do so too?
  5. What would happen if everybody paid their fair share of tax?
  6. What is wrong with making all of education digital and learning online?
  7. Every teenager should have a curfew.
  8. You can have any person - alive or dead - come to your house. Who will it be and why?
  9. How old should you be when you are allowed to go dating?
  10. What makes a good movie good?
  11. If teachers can mark their teachers, should students be allowed to give a rating to their teachers?
  12. Single sex schools are good for girls but not as good for boys. Do you agree?