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Writing a Strong Argumentative Essay on Technology

Technology seems like an interesting topic on which to write an argumentative essay. You might think it sounds pretty impossible to write a convincing argument about something that most people already know about and love. After all, technology has basically taken over today’s society. However, it’s completely possible to compose a strong and irrefutable essay about technology. Here’s how:

  1. Choose a firm topic. In order to be convincing about anything, you need to make sure the topic you choose is something that is firm and actually solid. Before you even start writing, do your research and figure out what you’re really passionate about. You can’t argue for something you don’t believe in strongly, so pick an area of technology that you’re very familiar with and that you really enjoy discussing. If you think the Apple iPhone is the greatest invention in all of history and you firmly believe you can back up your opinion with undeniable evidence, go for it.
  2. Use a unique angle. Approach your topic from a perspective that most people wouldn’t think to consider. For example, you think iPhones are great, but what makes them great? Anyone would agree that their superior camera lens and touch screen capabilities make these phones a wonderful and useful tool, but you need to convince people that this is the greatest invention on earth. Try to think of an argument that no one else has used and then make that your main thesis. Building a strong paper is easy when you have a strong and unique angle from which to approach it.
  3. Combine technologies. When talking about one piece of technology, it is often easy to get caught up in that one thing and forget that there are other technological advances that are related to it. The iPhone made way for the iWatch, the Square card reader, and many other revolutionary inventions that have changed the way we live. Don’t be afraid to include these other things in your argument. It will make your paper that much more convincing if you can prove that this one piece of technology has influenced many more as well.
  4. Use facts, but have fun. Talk about all the firm facts to support your topic, but also have a little fun with it. Talk about selfies, Instagram, mobile Tweets, and whatever else will make your paper more relatable to everyday people. After all, it’s much easier to convince someone to your point if you can prove that it affects their personal lives directly.