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A List Of Good Persuasive Essay Topics About John Proctor

The history of the Salem witch trials has been written on countless times, including well-known historical figures such as John Proctor. Finding a good persuasive essay topic that you can put some originality into may be a little difficult. A new twist on an old idea usually does the trick. The following list is sure to give you a starting place to spark your imagination and come up with an original topic for your persuasive essay.

  1. John Proctor is a hero in the true sense of the word for standing up to what he believed in no matter the consequences.

  2. John Proctor is considered a tragic hero because he is loyal, loving and authoritative. His tragic flaw, however, lies in his temper.

  3. John Proctor’s fatal flaw is his lust for a young girl, leading to jealousy and ultimately resulting in his own death.

  4. Adultery caused such great internal turmoil, it challenged his authority and led to his ultimate demise – hanging until death.

  5. The chaos caused by the Salem witch hunts was more of a factor in his death than was his own character flaws.

  6. He was an admirable man who found himself in a colossal mess he couldn’t get out of and for that reason he is considered a tragic hero.

  7. The pride of the people in Salem during the time of the witch trials was a causative factor in the hanging of John Proctor and other people accused of blasphemy or being a witch.

  8. Proctor’s refusal to avow himself in order to be pardoned was more a sign of stubbornness than of being an attribute of an admirable character.

  9. Proctor died a virtuous man by holding onto his dignity and pride thus his hanging was considered a hero’s death.

  10. Elizabeth Baxter Proctor, his third wife, was to blame at least partially for drawing him into the accusations.

A good persuasive essay is able to fulfill the purpose of convincing the readers to agree with the writer’s judgments and opinions, with facts and evidence presented in the essay. In order to do this, the readers must feel your confidence in what you are writing. You must have good communication skills so your words and the way you use them can take the reader on a journey toward accepting your argument and conclusions as being true and believable.