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How To Make A Good Outline For An Argumentative Synthesis Essay

In an argumentative synthesis essay, you should combine several different points to support your main argument. To write a paper that will earn you an excellent grade, you should outline it first. This will help you organize your notes and present the information in a proper and clear way. Of course, each synthesis essay is unique, but the basic rules for outlining are the same for all of them. Your actions should be the following:

  1. Outline the introduction.
  2. At the beginning of the opening paragraph, you should place a hook. This is a sentence that contains a fact, quote, or anecdote related to your topic and attracts the attention of the reader. Then, you should give the background information about your topic and indicate the main key terms that the reader should know. At the end of the paragraph, you should briefly describe the contents of the body paragraphs and state your thesis.

  3. Outline the body.
  4. In the body paragraphs, you should present your points and tie them to your main idea. Outline each paragraph separately. A paragraph should start with a clear topic sentence. Then, you describe a point in detail and give its interpretation if necessary. At the end of the paragraph, you should place a smooth transition to move on logically to the next point. A standard five-paragraph essay should contain at least three body paragraphs. However, if there are no limitations, you may present more points.

  5. Outline the conclusion.
  6. You should start this paragraph with restating your thesis. However, you shouldn’t just copy the sentence from your introduction, but rewrite it in a more explanatory manner based on the evidence presented in the body paragraphs. Then, you should describe the importance of your work. Your assignment guidelines might also imply proposing a few ways to continue your investigation. You may end your paper with a sentence that relates to the hook from your introduction in order to make it look full and completed.

Keep in mind that outlining is meaningless without thorough research. You should definitely know what your main points are and how to connect them to your thesis.

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