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What Are Some Good Illustration Essay Topics: Ideas And Examples

When you write an illustration essay the most important thing is the topic. This is what can make people listen to you, or it can make your classmates fall asleep. It does not matter how much you try to find good examples if the subject itself is boring. Of course, it’s not easy to find an original idea to explore in your composition, but it is possible. To get some inspiration you can check out this list; if you find anything suitable, adapt it to your own style and start working:

  • Should you create your own diet? Many young girls try to lose weight, but they are not always doing this in a good way. They end up not eating enough or eating the wrong things. To prevent this, it’s better to visit a nutritionist every time we want to lose some kilograms.

  • Smoking in public areas. Some countries tried to do this but many people were unhappy with this; they said that it’s their right to smoke as long as cigarettes are legal. On the other hand, they are disturbing other people and the smoke can be very dangerous, especially for young children.

  • Gay marriage. This topic is very popular in the last years because many important countries legalized gay marriage. However, religious people disagree with this and say that homosexuality should not be encouraged, but banned. What do you think about this?

  • Electric cars. In some parts of the world electric cars are already on the market, and people are using them on a day to day basis. The companies say that this could be the way to stop pollution and to reduce the costs of transportation.

  • Is social media a bad thing? There are, of course, many obvious advantages. We can talk with our friends in easy way, we can share pieces of our life and we can communicate with people from all over the world. Even so, many adults think that social networks are dangerous for our privacy and that we should not share personal pictures there.

  • Should students work? Many young people want to work during their university years, but they can’t do this. The classes last all day long and they have too much to study anyway. This means that they don’t have enough money to support themselves. What can the government do about this?