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Great Ideas For Writing An Argumentative Essay About Smoking

Are you tasked to compose an argumentative essay about smoking? At times, it is a struggle on how to start the writing task since there are usually specific guidelines you need to follow to complete the writing piece. When writing a good one, you have to be reminded of the following guides:

  • It is quite critical to do an exhaustive research regarding the given topic.
  • Gather and carefully assess the evidence which you have unveiled regarding the material or subject matter.
  • Come up with an influential or persuasive and sharp thesis statement for the side you have preferred to argue in your writing work.
  • Be sure to include easy-to-figure-out transition sentences from every paragraph to the next one.
  • Back up your argument with facts not mere point of views or emotions.
  • Lastly, conclude your piece with a concise and clear conclusion statement which summarizes the thesis and proof provided in a solid approach.

To boot, a lot of people have different perspectives on the topic of smoking. Countless of people have personal experience with this habit or many of them know someone who smokes. That said this shall surely provoke a lot of emotion on the part of your readers especially because your piece is argumentative. For this reason, it is immensely vital for you to back up your argument with actual statistics and facts.

Take into consideration that any stereotypes or generalization will absolutely cause an emotional response to your piece and this shall take away from your argument. So, if you back up your work with strong facts which you’re capable to support with reliable sources, then, you are in the right course to debate. Be that as it may, if you are backing up your argument with sources that aren’t reliable, then, you are putting your argument at stake.

Remember that it is substantial to discuss your own stance of the argument. The sole period it is truly acceptable for you to accredit the other stance of argument is when you’re disproving the other stance with facts which back up your argument. In different circumstances, it becomes too perplexing for the reader when the piece presents data for both stances of the argument.

In like manner, it is especially essential for the writer to provide his or her readers with merely useful and relevant data which can aid them to come up with their very own conclusion regarding the debatable topic which he or she has presented.