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A List of Interesting Expository Essay Topics for Middle School

Expository essays should never be something to moan and groan about; much easier than having to provide a twelve page thesis any day. Expository essay is another way of saying informative essay. Information is the main ingredient in any expository essay. The essay could even be something along the lines of explaining the process of making homemade pizza; the facts are there with extra information that would inform your reader of how to make a homemade pizza; especially if they had never even made one before.

Essay topics should be straight and to the point; after all writing a good essay is not rocket science. Though more than likely there are some excellent expository essays out there about rocket science.

Easy Writing Prompts

Nothing is easy about writing an essay but here is some good jumping off points that may even give you a couple of brownie points with your teacher.

  • The importance of rules; especially those at your school and explain why they are important.
  • Make an essay for the principal (hypothetically) detailing something that you think should be changed around your school.
  • In your own words; what is the most significant invention ever made and why is that?
  • Think of something that you know how to do that is pretty unique and write an essay detailing what it take to do what you know how to do. Good example would be “how to cross stitch” but something more unique.
  • Imagine what the perfect brother or sister would be and describe in detail who you ideal brother or sister would be and what qualities they would have.
  • People change; describe in good detail on how you changed when you entered middle school.
  • Millions of tourists go on vacation to Florida and many other locations each year; what makes these locations special that draws people there to vacation.
  • Your favorite breed of dog and then give details about that breed that someone would want to know before getting that dog.
  • What bothers you or your pet peeve? Then explain how that pet peeve annoys you and how you react to that annoyance.
  • Write an essay on why or why not? Perhaps on the current president; what makes him a good or bad candidate for government office?

It really doesn’t take much to gather some inspiration for a good expository essay. Just takes a little know how and it makes the job all that much easier, so stop procrastinating and get to work. You might have a good subject to write about just sitting there in the room with you.