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Top 10 Writing Prompts For Your Essay On Death Of A Salesman

Look at the various themes of the book to help get an idea of what to write about

There are many different themes running through Death of a Salesman, and being aware of what these are can make it much easier to write your essay. Some of the themes include death and suicide, the American dream, the different role the sexes play, as well as various others.

Whether you wish to write your essay based on one of these themes, or you simply want to make reference to them from time to time in your paper, it helps to understand what the themes are, so that you can recognise them when they appear in the book.

Highlighting important parts of the book to reference later

Whilst reading the work, if you spot any passages that are in some way related to the themes that you have listed, then you can highlight these passages directly in the book. This will make it easier when it comes to the writing process, as you can quickly and easily flick through the book to see relevant passages that you can reference.

Getting inspiration from online sources

For additional help when it comes to writing your essay, it can be useful to look for inspiration from online sources. It may be that you look for prewritten papers, or you could look for various writing guides and advice from sites related to the book. Equally, you may well find groups and forums populated by fans of the book who would be willing to impart any advice that they may have.

Ten writing prompts that can help get you going with your Death of a Salesman paper

  1. An analysis of the American dream according to Arthur Miller in Death of a Salesman
  2. A look a Willie Loman’s view of modern life and innovations
  3. An analysis into the significance of the various names used in the play
  4. How do the main characters in Death of a Salesman interact with each other?
  5. Explain the role of suicide and death in Death of a Salesman
  6. An examination of the differences between the sexes in Death of a Salesman
  7. A comparison of societal attitudes then and now
  8. An overview of the main themes portrayed in Death of a Salesman
  9. How did the suicide influence events in the play after it occurred?
  10. An interpretation of the imagery that is used throughout Death of a Salesman