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20 Interesting Science Topics For Your Next Academic Essay

If you are trying to write an academic essay, you should keep in mind a few crucial things.The topic is something that should be chosen very carefully since your whole piece is going to build around it.It should present an idea based on evidence, persuading the reader into a certain direction.How you present the evidence itself should be looked at as well, since how you write matters as much as what you write about.

  • Latest discoveries. Science has many branches, and people are working non-stop to elucidate some of the world most important questions, and many people believe science will do just that.
  • Clean energy. This topic is crucial for everyone at the moment since our planet can't really sustain humankind for much longer, we need some new and fresh ideas how to power ourselves without destroying the environment. Zero Point energy is a must.
  • Cure for the well-known diseases. There are many things that kill us, but none of them as devastating and as "hard to kill" as a disease. Scientists are working as we speak to find a cure for some of the worst illness out there; that cause millions of victims every year.
  • Bionic technology. This could be the future for a lot of people who are missing a limb, or for some who want to upgrade their already used body.
  • GMO food. This is a very controversial subject since major corporations are using these techniques to produce their food. Most of the pesticides and herbicides that are used help the plants, but kill the people that consume them.
  • The human brain. While we haven't understood very much about our brain, we know that it hides extraordinary power, and if you can create artificial links between memories, you can change the long term behaviour of the subject
  • Communication. We live in a fast-paced world, our schedule is very busy, so most of the people don't have time to waste. That's why more and more efficient ways of communication between humans are being invented.
  • Astronauts. There are many scientists who research on what happens to a man after he has spent a considerable amount of time in zero gravity, the effects on the body and so on.
  • Other planets. There are too many planets to count in our universe, but if we focus on our solar system. For example, Mars was known to be a toxic environment but new pieces of evidence suggest that it may have liquid water, which is needed to sustain life.
  • The effects of high-fat food on the body. It's well known that it's very unhealthy for us, and new evidence suggest it's even worse than people imagine. High intake of this food could even trigger psychiatric disorders.
  • Antidotes. Nature can sometimes be our enemy, and many people die from scorpion or snakes bites every year.
  • The effects of breastfeeding. It has been linked that, the longer a mother breastfeeds her baby, the higher the IQ and overall capabilities of that baby will be when he grows up.
  • Mutations. Our DNA is something very complex that isn't fully understood, never the less the mutations that sometimes appear. They are caused by a number of factors, some natural and some not so much, and there are many ways that you can prevent them.
  • Psychedelics. There are many substances that alter your state of consciousness out there, and some of them could actually help subjects from getting rid of suicidal thoughts to growing on a spiritual level.
  • Smartphones make subject "dumber". A new link has been found that people who use smartphones a lot, especially the younger generation, have a lower analytical, verbal, and numerical skills.
  • Dark Matter. Our universe if made up of some very little understood energies, and in this case it might be that it affects us much more than we realized.
  • Life on other planets. Alien life is a controversial subject, but from an objective point of view, it is possible, it just hasn't been discovered yet (some would say).
  • GMO human embryos. It has been done in China by a group of scientists, although the implications for this are well out of their league. Some people say they are "playing God."
  • Natural cures. There are many drugs that can do the trick right now, but mother nature has some of the best cures for many of the conditions that people suffer these days, and science backs this up.
  • Frequency. If we take a look at quantum mechanics, our universe if based on frequencies. And since they are present everywhere, they can affect us in ways that we didn't even think about before.