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8 Basic Methods For Improving Your Essay Writing Skills

Essay writing skills are some of the most important skills that you can have in schools. This is because at one point or another, you will be required to write an essay in class or even when applying for a medical college. If you would like to write a good essay, you should start by understanding the basics of good essay writing. Here are 8 basic methods that will help you improve your essay writing skills.

  1. Create an outline
  2. You will need to brainstorm on the topic that you will write about. You will then need to create an outline of your main points.

  3. Go through other essays
  4. You can give your essay to your classmate and in return ask for theirs. On top of this, you can always form a study group. Just like it is the case with a book where you get your own writing style by reading, you can improve your essay writing skills by reading other essays.

  5. Build your vocabulary
  6. A god grasp of words will help you to communicate clearly and this is one aspect of a good essay. The essay should be economical with words. No reader will want to waste their time reading some long and rambling points that can easily be expressed in lesser words.

  7. Choose words carefully
  8. If you want to sound intelligent in your essay, you must avoid repeating yourself. Therefore, focus on your language so that you are able to build an argument. Do not use the same word several times. A common mistake among students is to misuse words such as “also”.

  9. Plan for the essay
  10. Probably you have heard this a thousand times; that you need to plan for your essay. Consider the argument that you are going to raise in your essay.

  11. Cite widely
  12. Essays are your opportunity to show how widely-read you are. Therefore, be sure to quote other people’s work

  13. Punctuation, syntax and tone
  14. You need to ensure that you make your essay easy to read. However, you can still achieve this when using a wide range of syntax. Use different sentence structures, short and long and do not use too long sentences.

  15. Use 3 essay parts
  16. Your essay should be made of 3 parts. These are the introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction is the part that introduces the essay. The body should contain several paragraphs that explain the main idea using examples. The conclusion should be made of a one paragraph that summaries the essay.