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Fresh Ideas For Narrative Essay Topics: Suggestions For College Students

A narrative essay is the type of assignment in which the student has to use the first person to explain a certain experience, place, person, event, object, or a memory. This type of paper is different from other academic papers because you are supposed to use the first person, which is restricted in most of the cases. You can consider a narration like a story where you have to build your audience and engage them in your paper by narrating a personal experience. You have to use strong verbs and adjectives while writing such a paper so that you can explain clearly to your audience

When you are in college, you have an urge for using your creative skills and bringing your ideas to attention. You may want to explain to your teachers what you think about several things and how your ideas can make an impact. This is the reason you should be super careful with such academic assignments because they are to assess your writing skills as well as thinking abilities. If you have something in your mind that you want to convey to your audience, you can do that with your essay.

Most of the times, students in college have the liberty to choose the topic of their essays on their own. This makes it fun because you can write about your passions and discuss anything worth considering. Just make sure that the topic of your assignment is new, which means that no one has talked about it yet or not in a way, you are going to. The topic should also be precise and represent your entire paper. If the topic and the body of the essay do not complement each other then you will be misguiding your audience. Try to add a hook in the topic so that you can engage your audience

Topic suggestions for a narrative essay

  1. What can we teach our adults owing to what we know
  2. The things I used to like are embarrassing for me now
  3. An advice for students entering high school
  4. The most recent achievements of my life that make me proud
  5. The role of parents for a growing teen
  6. How I dealt with bullying in school
  7. A day spent without my parents or my home
  8. The life of a sole bread earner