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Unemployment Benefits

A majority of people in US have the ambition to find a well paying and a stable job. However, because of the lack of job opportunities and poor policies, it is not possible for everyone to find employment. Fortunately, the federal government provides unemployment benefits for people going through the difficult times. Many people have been able to survive the periods of unplanned employment because the benefits can cater for life’s basics such as food, clothing and shelter. On a wider perspective, provision of the benefits helps keep money flowing to retailers and creditors, which is good for any economy. Nonetheless, there are many restrictions to accessing benefits, which waters down the credibility of the whole idea. Thus, it is asserted that for the unemployment benefits to impact individuals and the society, the related restrictions must be eliminated.

Many People Do Not Qualify For the Unemployment Benefits

Currently, there are many people who would want to quit their jobs voluntarily so that they can look for better opportunities. However, they cannot receive the unemployment benefits. This is because the federal government requires the unemployed to give credible reasons as to why they were laid off. It should be proven that the affected person was not laid off because of their own fault. Unfortunately, many people are laid off after doing things contrary to the company’s protocol. Sometimes, to reduce on the costs of operations, employers find faults in the workers and lay them off.

Additionally, those who claim for the unemployment benefits must keep answering questions related to their job hunting efforts. Though this is meant to encourage them to keep searching for jobs, it is also disadvantageous. People who may want to take sometimes for rejuvenation before going back to the job market may find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Thus, many people avoid applying for the unemployment benefits, even when they need them, because of the fear that they are not able to meet the requirements. Also, there is a limited amount of time, six months, when an unemployed person can receive the benefits. This means that those who are unable to find employment within the restricted time will continue to suffer in the long run.

The Disadvantages

Besides, employers complain that they are forced to fund the unemployment benefits’ programs. The state is also forced to channel its finances to such projects instead of concentrating on the idea of job creation. Clearly, for the unemployment benefits to be beneficial, the federal government must eliminate some of the related restrictions and the disadvantages.