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Three Signs of an Essay Writing Service You Can Trust

Writing services are a very mixed bunch. Some are spectacular and others are quite shady and produce poor results if any. There is no point in purchasing a paper that is so badly constructed that you would be better off not submitting anything than having your name associated with such low quality. Still, it may be hard to tell which companies are worth your time and which are not right off the bat. Here are three signs of a good company that you should look out for:

A professional website

Companies that have been successful at what they do should be profitable enough to hire talented web designers to create a website that looks top of the line. Even a relative amateur can produce a professional looking website using the templates that are available for free or cheaply so there is no excuse for an outdated design. Aside from the look of the site and its general usability, the content should be well edited and relevant. Any site that claims to sell academic services and cannot at least create good content cannot be trusted with difficult papers, research or essays.

Excellent samples

Academic writing companies should have a well-stocked database of samples that show the skill of the writers on staff. This is something that can be fakes by unscrupulous companies who plagiarize the work of others and use it as their own. It helps to check the samples for authenticity and software that does this can be either purchased or used for free online. Once you are certain of the samples quality and their origin, you can look for the last sign.

Unbiased positive reviews

Just as some companies will claim others’ work as their own, some companies will litter the internet with glowing reviews of service that they have never provided. Such reviews can be purchased quite easily. To tell the real ones from fakes, make sure you are visiting trusted review sites that regularly investigate the origins of their own reviews. Also be mindful of reviews that are too similar, written in poor English or just seem to be a bit unrealistic.

The search may take some time and you may even meet up with a few dead ends along the way. This is perfectly normal. If you keep at it, you can find a company that has all three traits and can produce excellent writing on your behalf.