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Essay Writing Help Online: Places You Should Check First of All

The Wonderful thing about the Internet Today

The internet has improved in all kinds of ways. But the way it has improved the most, most assuredly, is in the quality of help it is offering students around the world today from the first grade to the 21nd (graduate school).

The great thing about the internet today is that it offer sites that are tailor made to help students not only pass a course but SUCCEED in a course. By leaps and bounds. My students tell me of how they were making Fs in Calculus and with the help of the web, are now making A+s in Calculus and are even thinking of becoming an actuary – and actuaries command HUGE salaries. So if you are good at math, that is quite the career to speciliaze in.


Only use google, period. Not Bing, not yahoo, not opera or any other search engine. And do not use google scholar either.

Great Sites to Consult

  • YouTube

    YouTube is the educator and the choice of educators to help them to educate students more than any other site in the 21st century. Although there are many other sites which can help students succeed that boast helpful handouts and interactive exercises, both of which I highly recommend, YouTube teaches by teaching visually—and that seems to work for most students. It is a lot easier to watch someone work their way through a complex calculus problem than to read a document on how to solve a complex calculus problem—right?

  • OWL—

    Owl Purdue is the writing center and the number one writing center of the 21st century and was the number one writing resource of the 20th century as well. OWL is full of sample papers that are very good to use as models in APA, MLA and Chicago format. Also, they have these highly interactive grammar exercises on everything from comma splices, to writing effective introductions, to diagramming sentences, to subject verb agreement. They also have some of the best ESL exercises available period. OWL insists upon accuracy, knowledge, and on being a supremely educating resource and they can help anyone master and excel in English.

  • Try School Websites

    Always use university and college level websites designed for students – not sites wanting you to pay a fee.