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How To Name An Essay- Creative Tips And Tricks

When it comes time to naming your essay, it is so important to make sure that it matches what your paper is all about. The title has to be creative and catchy. That way it captures your audience’s attention. If you choose a topic that doesn’t really relate to your paper, there will be an immediate disconnect.

Naming your paper is something that seems pretty easy, but can also be very tricky. You need to be able to choose a name that expresses to your audience what your paper is about. When a student is skimming through a resource library, they need to read the titles to get an idea if one of them is something that relates to what they are writing their paper on. Your paper may not be published but should follow this same format.

Tips and Tricks

Capture the essence of the paper

Your title should capture the essence of your paper. Jot down a few sentences as to what your entire paper was trying to prove. Now try to put it all in one sentence. You can use a colon to integrate a general idea with a more specific idea of what the paper will be about. See how this essay started out with a statement about “how to name an essay”. This is the general idea of the paper. The “creative tips and tricks” is the part that gives a more specific idea of how the ideas of naming an essay will be handled. You can use this technique to name your essay.

Reiterate the thesis

Manipulate your thesis and make it into a title. This is the heart of your paper, so you can take the first part of the thesis and turn it into a title. A thesis statement makes a point and then lists why. In the title, you wouldn’t want to list your evidence. However, the first part can be your title.

Write it last

Don’t try to write the title and then try to write a paper from the title. Write your title last. That way you will have all of the information that you need to develop a title that matches your title completely. It is a great way to write a better topic. Read through your paper and then title it. Be sure that it represents what your paper is about.