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I Need to Find Reliable Resources with Process Analysis Essay Examples

It seems like schools are constantly changing the terminology that they use to describe assignments and assessments. Now, schools are “data driven” and the use “common assessments.” While they are busy changing the terminology used to describe the way they are run, schools have also changed the names of commonly assigned essays. Due to the Internet and the fact that you can find nearly how to do nearly everything online, the typical “How-To” essay has now become a “Process Analysis Essay.” This essay style includes the steps, but it also includes an analysis of how the process works.

Why Process Analysis Essay Samples are Hard to Find

The process analysis essay is a relatively new style of essay, so finding useful resources with examples is challenging. There are resources available, but not all of them are valid or reliable. Fortunately, there are some resources that have stayed ahead of the curve because they know that students need help when it comes to writing. Here are a few of them:

  • Online writing labs. Colleges are in the forefront of writing trends, so the online writing labs sponsored by top colleges and universities tend to have the information students need to complete process analysis essays. You should be able to find samples of body paragraphs for this style of essay. Since the introduction and conclusion are the same as other styles of essays, the only part that you will need to see is the body of the essay. These labs should include exposition on how to write the process analysis essay along with the examples.
  • Writing blogs. Bloggers are also on top of the trends, especially if the bloggers are involved in the world of education. If you are looking for a topic, there is a blogger who has written about it. You might have to dig deeply to find a good blog about process analysis writing, but there will be someone who has a sample and tutorial on this type of writing.
  • Hire a writer. If you cannot find a sample that is helpful enough, you can always hire a writer at an online writing website. These sites are stocked full of writers who love to write essays and they know how to write nearly everything. If you do not want to hire a writer, you might be able to find a site that has samples of the writing that you need to see.