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A Guide to Essay Writing: Hints, Tips and Thesis Statement Examples

Essay creating can have many goals, but the general idea of it remains the same. Basically, it can be any composition written about any subject. Scripting an essay might seem easy, but when it comes to the actual process, there is a mixture of various thoughts in your head. Creating a successful paper is not difficult though, and here are some guidelines to help you:

  • Outline your ideas.
  • Once you’ve come up with a topic (in case you were not given one), it is of great help to put your thoughts about the issue down on paper, as well as which side of the argument you pick. Of course, this sketch might get altered before you start writing. However, it will serve as a good visualization of your opinion, which may help you in case you get lost in the process of composing.

  • Consider your introduction as a foundation.
  • Make the beginning a solid base for your essay, and then write all the other parts as supports for the opening. Start with an attention-grabbing hook, which will tempt the reader to keep on reading. Include the thesis statement in your introduction. However, be careful when writing your hypothesis, as it is the main idea of your paper.

Good Thesis Statement Writing Tips and Examples

  • Keep your statement focused.
  • “Drinking alcohol is bad and should be prohibited” is not a good hypothesis since the idea is too broad and difficult to defend. Instead, write “Consuming too much alcohol can have very negative effects on your body and result in serious health issues, such as alcoholism or liver diseases.”

  • Make it debatable.
  • Do not just include pure facts in your thesis statement, which will make it difficult to argue. A bad example would be ”Texting while driving can cause car accidents, so it should be prohibited.” Write a more arguable thesis instead: “Most losses of lives are because of car accidents that are caused by texting while driving, so more laws should be passed to restrict this situation.”

  • Make an effort while writing the body.
  • The central part of your essay is very important since it includes the explanation and defense of your thesis. It needs to support the side of the argument you have picked. Do the research so you can know your main idea well enough. Adding a quote is a good decision to support your analysis. The last sentence should be a smooth transition to the final part of your essay.