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Battle of Normandy

The battle of Normandy was an invasion initiated by the forces of western allies in Normandy in 1944 during the operation overload during the Second World War. The Battle of Normandy is the world historical invasion that has ever existed.

History of Battle of Normandy

The battle started June 6th, 1944 when troops of allies’ forces landed with Normandy and initiated confrontation against German forces over Normandy authority. The main reason for the battle was to free Normandy beaches and the adjacent France regions from German colonization. The allied forces incorporated soldiers from British, Canadian and American forces in a fierce war against the German soldiers. The battle took place both along the Normandy beaches and inland areas and resulted to huge number of fatalities.

The battle is view as the greatest achievement of the French allies. Once the allies’ forces landed on the Normandy beaches, they immediately fought their way into the heart of the Normandy beaches. In their structure, the American forces fought their way to liberate Brittany westwards along the coastal regions while the polish and Canadian forces fought pushed inland. The battle involved two operations; one incorporated the Charnwood, Totalize, Atlantic, Tractable and Goodwood that was mainly pursuing to free Caen and as well push further towards the Falaise from the coastal areas. The cobra operation led by the American forces on the other hand, aimed at bringing freedom to Brittany.

Impacts of Battle of Normandy

The battle was so fierce that none was able to keep accurate records of the actual number of casualties involved. However, available records show that within a span of four months, the allied forces lost over twelve thousand men and about two thousand aircrafts. This is exactly what resulted to be the D-Day. As a matter of facts, on the D-Day, an approximate of ten thousands casualties were reported on the allied forces only, two thousand and five hundred of whom were believed to have lost life. This showed the significant of evaluating force’s potential before subjecting troops to any battle.

Battle of Normandy is vital nowadays because it was an important allied success in Second World War. The battle liberated the central Europe and as well brought democracy in West German. As a result, German become part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization which played a key role in ending cold war. Perhaps, these benefits to Europeans and American generations might not have been realized if the invasion had been postponed or failed.