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Coming Up With Interesting Biology Essay Topic Ideas

Biology is the science that studies every living being and their interactions. It is a fascinating field of study which has revealed a lot of facts about how all life forms work in our planet. However, due to the complexity of life, several questions remained yet unanswered. Below, we suggest a few hooking ideas to choose for your article.

  1. Is there a way to stop ageing? This a very concerning questions for some people who do not like getting old. Science has proved that ageing is a process codified in our genes as every other chemical process that occurs within us. Then, would it be possible to re-codify those genes to stop ageing?
  2. Can we duplicate people? Clones appear in many science fiction books and films; they form part of our popular culture nowadays. Currently, however, it is not possible to create a clone of a person. Will we find a way to do so in the future?
  3. What is the cure to cancer? This is another fascinating questions that arises due to the concerning increasing amount of people who suffer this disease. Every year, more people die from cancer worldwide. What is the cure to this illness? The genes might be answer once again but we cannot properly modify them yet.
  4. How can we increase our lifespan? People are afraid of dying and mostly of passing away young. Is there a way to guarantee that our lifespan will be no less than a fixed amount of years? Biology may provide the ultimate answer to this question but the answer still remains as a mystery.
  5. What is the ultimate origin of life? This is probably the most intriguing questions of all regarding biology. The most accepted theory suggests that life was originated in our planet by increasingly complex chemical processes and favourable conditions. But, can we accept that as the ultimate answer?
  6. Is there a cure for every disease? Wouldn't it be amazing to be in good health all the time? What seems to be just another dream today may be the reality of tomorrow. Once day, we may find the cure to almost every disease. Would that suffice, though?
  7. Will the human beings be able to enhance themselves? Have you ever wondered how people will look like in – let's say – one thousand years from now? Shall we remain unchanged or shall we accelerate our own evolution?