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How To Get Persuasive Essay Examples: Directions For High School Students

Learning how to write all of the different kinds of essays can be hard for many students. It is often helpful to have a sample to work from. This can show you how to write them correctly and help show you what you are supposed to be doing. It also helps you learn what kind of writing is expected of you. Having a sample helps in so many ways but for some it can be hard to think of a way to get one. You have many options to choose from.

Where to get Samples

  • Ask the teacher
  • An older sibling or student
  • The internet

Ask the Teacher

The teacher who asks you to do this kind of essay may have samples of work that students have done in the past or in other classes. They will know which sample is the best one to give you to work from as well. Some teachers will gladly do this while others will not show students the work of another student. If that is the case, don’t worry because you have other options.

An Older Sibling or Student

If you have an older sibling, they can be of use in all kinds of school work help including essay examples. If they held on to any that they did in the past you can use that to work from. If you don’t have a sibling or they don’t have a sample for you then you can ask an older student, maybe one in the grade above yours. They might have kept a sample of their work and they might lend it to you if you ask them for it.

The Internet

The internet is a resource that students are so lucky to have but just do not take enough advantage of. There are samples of all kinds of different work on the internet to help you through all of your school years. Getting a sample there should be a snap.

Once you have a sample you now know the format and writing style that you should use. Make sure that while you are trying to mimic the sample, you do not take anything from it directly such as phrases. Learn from what the other person did and let that teach you how to do this kind of essay all on your own.