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How To Write A Problem Solution Essay: Good Tips And Examples

A problem solution essay is the type of paper that talks about a specific problem, identifies it, and addresses it in the body of the paper. You should also be able to give the limitation or weak areas of the solution by yourself so that the readers know you understand them and have a good understanding of what you are talking about. A good piece of writing is not only informative but it should also be evaluative. The writer must be able to think objectively and analyze his work on his own to give the readers a pure and complete sense of the topic. To be able to create a winning problem solution essay, students need to keep a few important things in their mind

The problem to address

What is the first thing you need to write a problem solution paper? The answer to this question is very important because you have to take a start somewhere. You can only begin the writing process after you have a plan for what you are supposed to write. Before even the writing phase, you need to have a pre-writing phase where you decide the purpose, direction, style and subject area of your paper. Here you need to identify a problem you will address in your paper. If you do not have a problem to address, then you will not be able to move forward with solving it. Try to pick an area that needs attention and is not yet explored, as it should have been. This could be something you are passionate about because this way you will have more information, high motivation, and some inspiration to write an effective piece. Do not pick a problem that is beyond the control of you and your readers because it will only waste their time

Examples of a solid problem to address

  1. Bullying is school, colleges and common places of interaction
  2. Harassment at work
  3. Illiteracy rates in your state
  4. Increasing cases of noise pollution in your neighborhood

The solution to your problem

When you choose a problem according to the standards above, then it will be comparatively easy for you to come up with a solution. You will already have some ideas and research to include in the paper and you can do further research to find realistic, achievable, timely and clear solutions to the problem

Examples of solutions

  1. Educating your kids about bullying
  2. Avoid using foul language and actions at home
  3. Keeping the environment clean and educating others
  4. Supporting poor kids to go to school