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Creating A Strong Problem Solution Essay About Urbanization

What is a problem solution essay?

The name is pretty suggestive in itself. In this form of an essay, you need to first pose a question, and then provide as many solutions as you can for that. You also need to show that all the ways you are providing are better than all other alternatives. It is fairly simple to construct, and once you have chosen a topic, it becomes even easier.

Urbanization is becoming a problem in the recent situation. It is the tendency of population shift from rural areas to urban areas. In earlier days, it provided the rehabilitated population a chance at better livelihood. Back then there was not much pressure on the natural resources in the urban areas and both the indigenous urban population and the rehabilitated population could thrive gracefully on it.

However, with a sudden increase in population the pressure on natural resources is very high. There are other problems as well, such as acute lack of living space, work opportunities and basic amenities like drinking water etc. The most alarming fact is that, though it has been established that the urban areas cannot withstand any more population growth, more and more people are still pouring in. There are many problems that arise from this.

Creating the best problem solution essay

If you keep the abovementioned points in mind, you will have a great problem solving essay on urbanization. First some tips to construct your issue part.

  • You can write the issue of urbanization in more than one questions
  • Enumerate the questions properly
  • Give details about the issue, explain why it is a issue
  • Explain the effects of this issue

If you can do these, then you have properly established your issue. Also, now you have an idea of how to construct your solutions part. You simply need to solve the ones posed in the best possible way. For that you can keep in mind the following tips and guidelines.

  • Give a feasible way that can be put to action immediately or in the near future.
  • Explain it properly and give details about why you think it will work.
  • Explain why it is better all the alternative way that already exist.

If you succeed in mentioning all these things in your essay, then you have fulfilled the basic criteria. Now use your writing skills and knowledge of the subject to fill in the gaps.