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How To Write A 7th Grade Persuasive Essay: Tried And Tested Tips

The aim of crafting a persuasive essay is to win over the reader to agree with your view point or to be in line with your recommendation for a course of action. An effective writer will employ evidence to support his or her viewpoint, keep an eye to opposing views and acquaint a firm conclusion. The tips below have been tried, tested and proved efficacious in composing a good paper.


This phase is substantially important. The student should prepare prior to the ideal writing. Basically, it is composed of the following parts.

  • Choose a position
  • The author should first consider both sides of the given subject and select the side to advocate. This enables them to write stronger and adequate opinions for that side.

  • Understand the audience
  • It is significant for the writer to apprehend the reader’s perspective. For instance, is he or she on the fence or inclined to prefer one side or the other?

  • Do the research
  • This paper entirely relies upon presentation of solid and convincing evidence. Do not depend on one resource but rather visit your library and search the data in a variety of books, available journals and pertinent websites. Alternatively, community experienced individuals and teachers can form a good source of information. Do not forget to jot them down.

    Organizing the text

    The general structure and outline entails the following four key steps.

    Introductory paragraph

    Assuming you have the title in place, the first paragraph should hook the reader’s attention. Present a general overview of the argument. Finish with a thesis statement which is the main idea to be argued.

    Body paragraphs

    Each of these should focus on giving one key opinion followed by adequate supporting details and germane examples. Consider describing both sides of the subject with supporting and opposing information but give stronger points for the side of your favor. Focus on the topic and employ appropriate descriptive words. The body should have six paragraphs.


    Give a summary of the key points without further description. Take not to avoid introducing new ideas but you can give your recommendations. This section should be covered in a single paragraph.


    Everyone is susceptible to making spelling mistakes and typing errors in the course of writing. You can either do it manually, use a friend or employ a proofreading application. Note all the mistakes that may present and make necessary corrections.