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Coming Up With Winning Argument Analysis Essay Topics

An analysis argumentative essay can be a real problem if you do not know from where to start. Very often you are confused by all the requirements of your professor and you find yourself stuck. You need to choose an interesting topic, to make research, to provide a good structure and to take care with the grammar. All this together can be a little bit confusing so we gathered some ideas that will help you with your essay.

  • Choose your topic. Stay away from the topics that are common among your classmates. If it’s common it’s not necessarily good. Your subject must be engaging but easy to approach and in the same time to not be sensitive and to create big debates. Also, you need to see if you can find enough information about it; when you write an argumentative essay it’s important to have exact data, not just assumptions. This can bring the success of your paper.
  • Make sure the structure is right. This paper does not follow the same rules as a normal essay, but it has some distinctive elements that you need to respect; like the construction of arguments based on facts and the analysis of each part of your paper.
  • Write from other perspectives. You must write your paper from your own perspective and then try to approach the subject from another angle. It will be very refreshing to have more than one point of view and it can really make a difference in your essay.
  • Watch the grammar. In any essay that you submit you must have perfect grammar. Make sure that the content is always grammatically correct, error-free and proofread before submitting it. No matter how good your topic is, you will not have a good grade if it’s full of grammar mistakes.
  • Ask for feedback. This should become a habit for you. Asking for feedback from your professor is maybe one of the most important steps for submitting a successful paper. He can tell you exactly what you need to change, what are the good points of your paper and if it fits the requirements. Feedback from your classmate is also good, but not as effective. There is a chance that they will not notice your mistakes. In the worst case, ask the opinion of an older student that took the same course as you; he has experience in the subject and he can give you some tips and tricks.