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A List of Unique Analysis Essay Topic Ideas

Analysis essays look at specific issues and break them down into their smallest parts in order to explain them. A good analysis essay should make use of the following:


Some topics have been covered extensively for generations and any recent author who attempts them will be compared to a host of more talented and famous writers. If you wish to write something that has been written exhaustively by others, make sure there’s something very special about the way you write or the method you choose to address the topic.


An issue may sometimes be very interesting but highly provocative to the point that some may even find it offensive. These topics can seem like walking a tightrope to the average writer. If you are skilled at this, proceed but if you know you run the risk of offending many people, try another topic that is interesting as well but less likely to ruffle feathers.


A topic may be original and interesting but if you are writing the essay in pursuit of a particular course of study, you would be better off sticking to something that actually relates to it.

The following list of analysis essay topics can be used as examples:

  1. What causes violent behaviour to be displayed by nonviolent people?
  2. Why are teenage drivers more likely to text while at the wheel?
  3. What predisposed some people to engage in hoarding behaviors?
  4. How do some adults get trapped in a cycle of using food as a coping mechanism?
  5. Why do some adults experience cognitive decline while others do not?
  6. Why do some people feel uncomfortable with the idea of donating their organs after death or those of their loved ones?
  7. What led to the most recent worldwide economic downturn?
  8. Why is American culture so widespread worldwide?
  9. Why have animals with human-like intelligence not yet mastered human language?
  10. Why does America use a different version of English from the rest of the world?
  11. Why has Canada not experienced a spate of school shootings similar to its neighbour to the south, America?
  12. Why do some people oppose the consumption of meat?
  13. How have members of the LGBTQ community manages to increase their access to certain rights?
  14. Why was marijuana originally made a banned substance?
  15. What alternatives to the oil and gas based system of transport are currently available and practical enough to be implemented?

Depending on the field you are based in they may be useful to you or not but if you require writing practice you can try them all out for size.