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Choosing Exciting Topics for a 5 Paragraph Essay

Completing random essays while you are in a university or college degree program can become rather mundane so when one of these tasks comes up follow these tips on selecting a topic to make this writing project more exciting.

Choose a sporting event

Sporting events and athletic competitions present a variety of exciting writing topics. From the history behind the players to long-standing rivalries there are a multitude of topics to choose from in almost every genre of sports. Consider using the Olympics competitions and their plethora of choices when it comes to competitions or for a worldwide phenomenon consider World Cup Soccer as a topic to write on. No matter what you choose in the sporting world there is sure to be an exciting topic to choose from.

Catastrophic events throughout the world

If you are searching for something interesting to write consider looking no further than the daily newspapers or online news reports. Even on a slow day, there is sure to be a catastrophic event that could be the subject of your next writing assignment. Pick one or more and you will have a five paragraph topic that will sure to keep the excitement levels elevated.

Exciting scientific discoveries

Each day there are new advances being made in technology, science or even medicine. Each one of these advances will provide subject matter for an exciting essay. Look in technical journals or the technology section of online newspapers and you will see a listing of new advances. From a company that is coordinating the first settlement on the planet Mars to treatment advances for the Ebola virus you will have a multitude of exciting topics to choose from.

Politics and business worldwide

There are two things that are certain in life, death and taxes, but along with these two certainties are the politics behind both issues. Businesses and politicians worldwide are engaged in an intricate dance of bribery, coercion, and lobbying all to make their case and skew politics in their favor. When you are looking for an exciting topic look no further than the most recent political debate and you will be amazed at the selections you will find. When you are tasked with writing an exciting five paragraph essay then look no further than the everyday events we see in real life. Each of these will provide fodder for you to write on and make the project pass quickly.