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Creating A Good Essay On Prevention Is Better Than Cure

An interesting topic for an essay revolves around the idea that prevention is better than a cure. It talks about how it is better to concentrate on preventing a disease, rather than waiting to get it and then trying to cure it. The main focus is to get people to be aware of the ways that we can prevent ourselves from getting various illnesses or diseases. We can do things differently like wash our hands more frequently to prevent getting sick. The idea is to write a paper that explains the things that can be done today to prevent future illness.

A good format for this type of essay is a five paragraph format. You can use this with a lot of different papers. You will have an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The introduction is where you will introduce the topic and give some background information on it. It should also include your thesis statement which will be something like:

It is better to prevent diseases through proper methods than it is to try and cure the illness because…

Then you will list your three reasons. Each body paragraph will work to prove this thesis statement. Each paragraph will concentrate on a different reason. The last paragraph is the conclusion and that will wrap up all of your ideas and restate the main points.

Here is a quick checklist that you can use to make sure that your paper is written properly:

  • Concentration in the piece should be on proving the thesis. Any deviations will cause the paper to be less effective.

  • Transitions should be created between paragraphs as a link from one topic to the next. It will create an effective flow for your piece.

  • Have a topic sentence for each paragraph that captures the essence of that paragraph.

  • Your paper has correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. All of the sentences are properly formatted and make sense.

If your paper includes these factors and makes a valid point and successfully explains that point, you are sure to get a good grade on this paper. Just keep in mind that you are working to prove that prevention is better than a cure. Meaning your focus should be to get people to make decisions that will prevent diseases before they get the disease and need a cure for it.