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How To Compose A Good Essay Ending: Tried And Tested Suggestions

If you don’t know how to end your essay, you are not alone. The majority of students get stuck at the point of creating concluding paragraphs for their papers. They feel that everything has already been said and have no idea what information should be included in the last sentences of their writing. However, the importance of a strong conclusion shouldn’t be underestimated. This is your chance to say your last word on the topic, synthesize your ideas, and emphasize the importance of your thesis. This is also a great opportunity to give your paper a sense of completeness and hint at the broader implications of the subject.

Readers tend to remember conclusions the best. Therefore, make sure that you leave a positive lasting impression in the ending. Here are several tried suggestions that will help end your essay strongly:

  • Use the “So what?” strategy.
  • Your conclusion should stress the importance of the points you made. Read your work carefully and ask “So what?” or “Why should we care?” in regard to your thesis and arguments. Be sure to include these answers in your conclusion.

  • Be parallel.
  • If your introduction starts with a description of a particular scenario, make sure to repeat the same setting in your conclusion. If you use certain concepts and images in your first paragraph, return to them in your last sentences. This strategy will establish a sense of closure and effectively wrap up your paper. However, don’t forget that while your introduction goes from general to specific, the conclusion should go from specific to general.

  • Summarize and synthesize.
  • If your essay is long, you’ll need to sum up your main points. Don’t simply restate them but try to synthesize your thesis, key arguments, and evidence to demonstrate how they work together.

  • Include an apt quotation.
  • It’s great if you have a quotation from a primary or secondary source that effectively highlights your thesis. It will make your conclusion brighter and more specific. However, be careful when using a quote from a secondary source. It can be paraphrased, and you should avoid paraphrased statements in your paper.

  • Turn to your reader.
  • Ask a question that needs to be answered. Offer a course of actions to solve the problem. Make your readers look into the future to see how the issue may influence their lives globally.

All these suggestions are great ways to end your essay successfully. Apply any strategy you like or combine several of them at once, and your conclusion will be strong and impressive.