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How To Compose A Good Essay Outline: Tips And Examples

The first thing you will need to do when composing an essay outline is to know what you are going to talk about. Having a goal or topic for the paper is key important for producing a successful outline and finished product. Picking your topic will have a lot to do with what type of paper you planned on writing, for instance; persuasive, an expository, analytic and argumentative essay.

Brainstorm for an outline: Use these helpful tips

  1. Pick your topic
  2. List some ending results you would like to result to in your paper.
  3. Write down 4 or 5 main sub-topics that you can elaborate on to support your topic.
  4. Then provide mini sub topics from the main topics
  5. Now initiate a thesis paragraph

These tips and examples above may seem to be out of order, but the thought theory will fall into place. Watch this! Once you have the topic/ thesis paragraph content, main supporting paragraph outline material and then ending results you then, have your outline.

Put your outline in place. See below

  1. Topic and Thesis
  2. Sub-topics
  3. Mini-sub-topics
  4. Sub-topics
  5. Mini-sub-topics
  6. Sub-topics
  7. Mini-sub-topics
  8. Sub-topics
  9. Mini-sub-topics
  10. Final paragraph- results

Something that is important to know and understand with all college papers and mostly high school papers is, your teacher/ professor will give you a specific word count that your paper has to be. The easiest way to take control of that would be to take a look at your finished outline, see how many paragraphs you will end up with.

The above outline shows us we should have no less than six paragraphs. 1- Explaining your topic, 4- separate supporting paragraphs, and then 1-conclusion paragraph. So say you were assigned a 2000 word essay, then the easiest way to execute that would be to divide the required word count into how many paragraphs you should have. 2000/6=333.33, so on the save side you would say each paragraph should be at least 334 words. That helps break up the thought of writing a 2000 word essay. Instead, you just have to write six short paragraphs that flow well with one another.

If you practice these tips and examples, you can become a successful, exciting writer by flowing through all assignments the same way. And hopefully not hitting a writer block mid paper.