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Little-Known Ways To Construct A Superb Evaluation Essay

Writing an evaluation essay is not an easy task. This is where you should make a judgment about a certain object or idea and provide detailed evidence to support your judgment. It doesn’t matter much what subject you choose to evaluate in your paper. It may be a piece of writing, movie, policy, service, website, and literally everything that people can have different opinions of. Whatever topic you have, you are likely to approach the evaluation process in quite a similar manner: you’ll come up with an evaluative thesis and provide relevant evidence in its defense. However, the ways you will construct your paper may somewhat differ. These are the methods that you have possibly never thought of, but they are likely to make your evaluation essay stronger.

  • Establishing the criteria.
  • Criteria are the ideal qualities that an object of evaluation should own. If you build your paper only on your personal judgments, it will seem to be opinionated. However, a strong evaluation essay should be reasonable and unbiased. To succeed, learn general criteria and apply them to your specific object. For example, if you are evaluating a movie, first focus on the standard requirements it should meet (analyze its genre, acting, and production) and then analyze the real state of things.

  • Presenting the opposite point of view.
  • If you mention the opposite point of view in your evaluation paper, you make it considerably stronger. By doing so, you admit that other opinions are possible and can exist, but your position is still the most reasonable in this particular situation. However, avoid applying this trick when you write about a topic that is too controversial. You may considerably undermine your thesis by presenting an opposite opinion in this case, so don’t take the risk.

  • Being balanced.
  • Remember to balance your evidence. All your criteria should be supported with equally strong evidence. Avoid situation when you provide lots of examples, facts, and quotations to prove one criterion while the following ones are backed up with only weak observations. If you choose to evaluate a controversial topic, you will have to provide more evidence than you would be ordinarily be expected.

  • Avoiding common mistakes.
  • If you analyze a book or film, it’s very tempting to summarize its plot or give a general overview of its characters. Don’t do that! In your evaluation essay, you are not expected to tell what the book or film is about, but instead you should assess how good or bad it is.