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A List of Great Persuasive Essay Topics about Animals

Writing a good persuasive essay is a great way to impress both your teacher and peers. It is usually best to choose some controversial topic for this purpose as this way you will be able to attract more attention to your work.

Another important consideration is your personal interest. You will be able to create a better paper if you are passionate about it. In this case, the process of writing itself will become much easier as you will have no problems with motivation.

Here are a few topic suggestions by thesisrush companyyou can use:

  1. Animals in zoos.
  2. Express your own position regarding zoos and captivity in general. Offer some examples of good and bad facilities where animals are held. Can stricter legal regulations improve the conditions the animals are forced to live in while in captivity?

  3. Using animals for entertainment purposes.
  4. List how the animals can be used in the entertainment industry. Do you agree with this practice? How can it be made more humane? What are the benefits of using animals this way?

  5. Animal testing.
  6. Does it really help create safe products? How can it be replaced?

  7. Pet therapy.
  8. What are the major uses for pet therapy? Does it help? Why? Offer some real-life examples to support your arguments.

  9. How to deal with strays.
  10. How and why the strays are dangerous? Offer some methods on combatting this issue, like stricter laws that can make people be more responsible about their pets. How to control the population of strays in the most humane manner?

  11. Animal cruelty.
  12. Offer a short overview of the animal cruelty laws in your region. Do you think they are sufficient? Is there a way to stop animal cruelty completely?

  13. Exotic pets.
  14. What kinds of problems do the owners of exotic pets face? Is it too cruel towards wild animals to keep them as pets? How dangerous can this be for the owner? Offer some examples from history.

  15. Dog training methods.
  16. Present an overview of the methods and tools currently used in dog training. Are they efficient? Are they too cruel? Can you offer any alternatives?

  17. Animal fashion and grooming.
  18. Nowadays, pet grooming salons offer the services on par with the top beauty shops for humans. Do you think this is right? Do the animals suffer because of various cosmetic procedures? What are your thoughts on pet fashion?

  19. The bond between children and pets.
  20. Many kids grow up with pets and are too young to understand the concept of death when their friend passes away. Offer some ideas on how to explain these things to a young child and avoid trauma.