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15 Hard Argumentative Essay Topics You Should Try for a Challenge

Students can find so many research topics available online. Mediocre and easy argumentative essays are a dime a dozen on the Internet. Instead of resorting to a basic topic, students should find a subject area that challenges their intelligence.

Beginning the Paper

Before writing the paper, students should consider any requirements that were given to them from a teacher. They should think about the best ways to present the argument and places where they can find research on the subject. If the student is unable to find information about the topic, they should pick a different subject. Some libraries are limited in their resources, so students should quickly look for available research before they begin the writing process.

  1. Does advertising and marketing manipulate what consumers want? Is it ethical to target advertisements at children?
  2. With the availability and acceptance of divorces today, does modern society encourage extramarital affairs to occur?
  3. Does confining wild animals in a zoo constitute a type of legalized animal cruelty?
  4. Prostitution has historically been illegal in the United States. Should it be legalized and regulated?
  5. In many European nations, volunteer work is an integral part of society. Should high school students be required to volunteer in order to receive their degree?
  6. Should the National Security Agency have access to everyone's metadata and personal information?
  7. From building a fence to hiring border patrol officers, the government has made attempts to stop illegal immigration. Have their efforts been successful so far?
  8. Toddler and childhood beauty contests are common in some parts of the country. Should beauty contests have a minimum age requirement?
  9. Is racial profiling a legitimate way to stop crime from happening?
  10. Are violent video games the reason that children become aggressive? Do they increase the risk of violent behaviors?
  11. Some commentators have compared the rise of ISIS in the Middle East to Hitler's rise in WWII. Could ISIS be starting the third World War?
  12. Currently, financial aid is given to everyone who has not been convicted of a drug charge. Should financial aid be accessible to for every other type of criminal?
  13. Is obesity the fault of the individual or is it caused by the food manufacturers?
  14. With the SAT, IB, ACT and state-sponsored tests, the standardized test is an integral part of the American education system.
  15. Do tests accurately reflect a student's learning and abilities?
  16. Should rich people be required to pay more in taxes?