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Does Age Matter in a Relationship: 12 Catchy Argumentative Essay Topics

When it comes to dating and relationships, studies show that the further apart people in age are, the harder it becomes to form a solid relationship. On the other hand, people of different backgrounds, ages, and races form bonds of understanding all the time. Below we have listed some great argumentative essay topics focusing on age as a factor in relationships.

  1. Cougar status. An older woman who dates a younger man, otherwise known as a ‘cougar’ is becoming a trend in our society, but is it right?
  2. Peer or parent? The bond between parent and child is extremely important during the child’s developmental years, but how does the relationship change when the child becomes an adult?
  3. Is he too old for me, or is he just mature? Age difference in relationships is still considered a topic of social taboo for many.
  4. The benefits of dating someone half your age. Our society is becoming increasingly accepting of all types of relationships such as LGBTQ, multi-racial, and ones with drastic age differences between couples.
  5. Best friend and lover, both to each other. Studies show that some of the strongest romantic relationships stem from strong friendships, but does age difference affect the ability to form strong friendship bonds?
  6. Baby, don’t hurt me. How does trauma experienced in early childhood affect our relationships when we are adults?
  7. Clashes in the classroom. How do age differences among peers in the academic setting affect our ability to learn? (ex. Older people learn slower than younger ones)
  8. Mind over matter: mental and physical ages. It is often heard how some people are considered ‘mature for their age’. Explore the differences found in people’s physical age and maturity level, and how these differences lead to relationships with age gaps.
  9. Dorm dating. Explore the romantic relationships that are formed in college. How do people meet and interact, and how seriously are these relationships taken?
  10. Finding the one online. Internet dating is becoming increasingly popular, with a variety of apps and websites out there that cater to anything from whites, black Christians, to random hookups. The problem with these systems is that it is easy to lie about things like education, career, and age. How many people lie about their age online and how does it affect their success with finding relationships online?
  11. The money behind mail-order brides. The concept of “mail-order brides” is notoriously known for being an agreement between (usually) a much older man with money, and a young woman from a foreign country. How do money, age and culture affect the relationship’s ability to succeed?
  12. Age among ancestors. The bonds we form with family are among the strongest in our lifetime. How do various age differences affect the family structure? Example: Having an older parent vs. a young one?